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 Feynman Play "QED"
To Be Staged in Los Angeles

February 25 Update:

The May 11 performance will have a special surprise at the end.  Alda, Rutishauser, and Leighton will drum after the performance in honor of Feynman's birthday!

The block of tickets that Friends of Tuva reserved for May 11 is completely sold out, so... see you there if you have a ticket!

Attention, friends of Tuva and fans of Richard Feynman!

Here is an official announcement from Friends of Tuva HQ about the new play starring ALAN ALDA as RICHARD FEYNMAN:

Playwright: Peter Parnell

Theatre: MARK TAPER FORUM, at the Music Center, in downtown Los Angeles (near corner of Hope and Grand Streets).

FOR TICKETS, call 213 628-2772  or visit .  The ticket office is open Tuesday thru Sunday, and closed on Mondays.


Tickets may sell out fast, so make your arrangements as quickly as possible.

PREVIEWS: March 10 through March 20 (dark on Mondays)
Cost: $30.50 (includes $3.50 service charge)

PERFORMANCES: March 23 through May 13 (dark on Mondays)
Cost: $35.50 to $49.50 (includes $5.50 service charge)

For the full schedule, visit .

My good friend Tom Rutishauser, who got the Feynman connection going through drumming more than 30 years ago, has been coaching Alan Alda. Tom reports that Alda is very much like Feynman --- he's definitely got the spirit!  (And his drumming ain't bad, either!)

I plan to be in LA with my family March 10 & 11 (for opening previews), and May 11-13 (for RPF's birthday May 11 and the closing performances). It would be great to meet up before or after the show! With any luck, Tom will be there, too, and maybe we'll do a little drumming for the Chief.

Here's some information from


A new play
By Peter Parnell
Inspired by the writings of Richard Feynman
And Ralph Leighton's Tuva or Bust!
Directed by Gordon Davidson

World Premiere

It is high adventure of the mind and spirit, overflowing with intellectual curiosity and fun!

"I hope you can accept Nature as She is -- absurd.  I'm going to have fun telling you about this absurdity, because I find it delightful."
     --Richard Feynman

Alan Alda brings to life Richard Feynman, the genius behind QED, quantum electrodynamics, which Feynman called "the strange theory of light and matter".  Richard Feynman was one of the greatest physicists of the 20th century -- from his work on the atomic bomb to his simple solution to the puzzle of the Challenger disaster, Feynman helped shape the world as we know it and helped the average person better understand photons, quarks and gluons.  Nobel laureate, Caltech professor, iconoclastic icon, caring family man, amateur artist, safecracker and bongo player, Feynman was a multitalented man of infinite dimensions and enchanting humor.  Outrageous and courageous, Feynman's life was very much like his view of Nature -- tantalizing and captivatingly absurd.