FOBOS: Weather in Kyzyl/Tuva
Kyzyl Weather

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The FAQ is available in HTML format here:

  • FAQ Part One addresses the following topics:
    • How can I get a copy of this Frequently Asked Questions list?
    • Are there any WWW sites for Tuva?
    • What is Tuva?
    • What is all the fuss about?
    • How can I contact X in Tuva?
    • What's this about two voices from one singer?
    • Where can I find out more? (Friends of Tuva)
    • Are there any video tapes about Tuva?
    • Does anyone still collect the old Tuvan stamps?
    • What can you tell me about travel to Tuva?
    • How can I learn to sing khoomei?
    • How did the "Tannu" get into "Tannu Tuva"?
  • FAQ Part Two addresses the following topics:
    • Any recommended reading about Tuva?
    • Any recommended reading about Feynman?
    • Are audio recordings available?