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  • Five CDs featuring Richard Feynman drumming and recounting some of his most well-liked stories are now available for download (for a fee) at

    Also available for download at this site is Kongar-ol Ondar's CD "Echoes of Tuva" that features a shamanic chant in honor of the legendary physicist and adventurer Richard Feynman.  The site also offers a free sampler of the material available.

  • The US Postal Service stamp honouring four scientists, including Richard Feynman.
  • Here's a postcard in memory of Richard Feynman.
  • On the audio CD Feynman - Volume I   Richard Feynman tells some of his most infamous stories, all from the original recordings made by Ralph Leighton. You've read these stories in his books Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman! and What Do You Care What Other People Think?
  • Richard Feynman's 1986 Dirac Memorial Lecture titled The Reason For Antiparticles is now available on videocassette.
  • The Safecracker Suite is a recording of The Chief telling his most famous story, interspersed with drumming sesssions.
  • View the Caltech archive of photos of Feynman. You can search for your favourite photo of Richard Feynman mugging for the camera.
  • Sound Photosynthesis has information on available Feynman recordings and videos.
  • Ennio Gozzi of Trieste shares his painting of Richard Feynman.  Ennio purchased this painting from Italian artist Afro Somenzari, who created this image after Ennio explained path integrals and described what he'd like to see in a painting.

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