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Kongar-ol Ondar is from Tuva, a lost land in Asia ringed by mountains, where nomads still name their sons Chinggis, after Genghis Khan — who recognized Tuvans as an allied tribe distinct from Mongolians. One of the trio described in 1993 by the San Francisco Chronicle as "virtuosos of vocal magic," Ondar routinely sings two notes at the same time, and plays doshpuluur (Tuvan banjo), khomus (Tuvan jaw harp), and guitar. A People's Throat-singer (Tuva's highest honor), world champion of the sygyt style, and National Artist of Russia, Ondar currently teaches the next generation of throat-singers in Kyzyl, Tuva's capital. His oldest son's name is Chinggis.

Paul Pena traces his roots to Cape Verde, a string of desert islands off the west coast of Africa. Paul has also been steeped in the blues tradition of America, having learned from the masters — T-Bone Walker, John Lee Hooker, and B. B. King, among other greats. Pena has also made his mark in the world of rock'n'roll with his hit song "Jet Airliner." Paul won the world title in the kargyraa division of Tuvan throat-singing in 1995.

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