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The Musical Journey

After a rousing preview of where the music is headed ("What You Talkin' About?"), Paul introduces himself by way of two songs: a Creole ballad from Cape Verde ("Tras d'Orizao") and a classic from legendary Delta bluesman Robert Johnson ("Terraplane Blues"). Then Kongar-ol steps up and delivers a two-notes-at-the-same-time a cappella melody ("Alash Khem"), followed by a show-off medley that runs the gamut of Tuvan throat-singing styles ("Ondarnyng A˙any"), topped by a Tuvan tongue-twister ("Dürgen Chugaa").

Then the real fun begins, with three Tuvan standards sung with blues and Cape Verdian influences: "Kaldak Hamar" ("The Other Side of the Mountain"), "Konggure˙" ("Where Has My Homeland Gone?"), and "Eki Attar" ("Good Horses"), the last one with a verse in Cape Verdian Creole added by Paul.

Then, after Kongar-ol pushes the limits of throat-singing in the modern Tuvan "Soul's Song," Paul puts a Tuvan twist on the blues in "Kargyraa Moan," the song he brought the house down with to win the world throat-singnig championships in 1995. The journey ends with "Tuva Farewell," a tour de force that pays homage to the Tuvan "Leadbelly," Vladimir Oidupaa.

This project is dedicated to those who push the limits. Onward!

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