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Historical News About Tuva


New Research of Tuva
  An electronic newsmagazine
presenting the current state of Tuvan studies investigating the history
  and culture of the Republic of Tuva.

Archaeological dig uncovers Scythian gold.
  A news item from the New York Times, January 9, 2002.

Proctor and the Centre of Asia
  Much has been speculated about the original monument marking the centre of Asia.  Here are notes
  supplied by Friends of Tuva; who will join the quest?

Lily Porridge of the Stamp Makers
  Here is the story behind the LA Times article of the same title.

Okinsky Tuvan National Rayon
  We were privy to an email conversation about the creation of a national district incorporating
  some Tuvans, as well as subsequent discussions about ethnic identity.  The summary is posted
  here to stimulate further thought.

Tuva Celebrates St. Petersburg's 300-Year Anniversary
  This article comes from the August 15, 2003, edition of the St Petersburg Times.