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Learn The Tuvan Language
With Free Software from
Before You Know It

BYKI is a software company attempting to offer a little high-quality language learning in “every language of the world,” which  just means that they want to do as many languages as they can. They have a free/paid model, something like the Adobe reader. They want to offer pretty good stuff (not a trial) for free, and better stuff for not a lot of money.

They have just released Tuvan as one of their BYKI languages.

It’s free, and they claim it won’t do anything bad to your system. Windows or Mac.

Here’s the link:

Try it out if you're so inclined, and drop them a line if you have any comment on it (and if you want to drop us a line to let us know what you think of it, please feel free!)

Page posted June 27, 2007.