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Eric Slone - Remembrance Ceremony

Friends of Tuva and fans of Richard Feynman suffered an irreplaceable loss early in December 2003 when Eric Slone of  The Tuva Trader passed away.    After a life-long battle with a serious illness his life ended suddenly a week prior to his daughter’s first birthday.   Eric leaves behind a wife Rebecca Slone, and daughter, Layla Monet Slone.

 He will be missed.

A college fund is being set up for his daughter, Layla Monet. Rebecca's co-workers have set up a college account for Layla. Checks can be made out in Layla's name and sent to the Trader at the address on their WWW site at .

Below are some photos of a ceremony conducted by a Shaman in honor of Eric in Tuva that took place late in April 2004.   His ashes were sprinkled in Tuva at the request of his family.

In attendance were several guests including: Ondar Kongar-ool, Hovalyg Kaygal-ool ("Huun-Huur-Tu"), athletes - Mongush Maadyr, Kuular Aldyn-ool, and several artists Kagay-ool Aleksey, Marai, and Afonya.  For a larger version of each image just click on the picture.

Stone and flowers.

Kongar-ol Ondar.

The shaman,
the fire,
and Ondar.

Ondar at the stone.

Kaigal-ool Khovalyg.