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Miscellaneous Links

Friends of Tuva's Mission Statement
Ever wondered about the origins and aims of Friends of Tuva?

Tuva Online
This Tuvan news site provides news in English.

Government of Tuva
The official website of the government.  If you are not fluent in Russian, a service like Google Translate can do a wonderful job in several languages.

New Research of Tuva
  An electronic newsmagazine
presenting the current state of Tuvan studies investigating the history
  and culture of the Republic of Tuva.

The National Museum of the Republic of Tuva
  More details on the Tuvan Museum here.

Tuva Wiki
A wiki about Tuva, just like it sounds...

Cool Links
Here are some special web sites - some of them run by Tuvans.

Other Friends of Tuva
Some other appreciation sites of note.

Weather in Tuva
Today's weather report is online, and the best link is for
  Accuweather's report for Kyzyl.

Tuvan Art
Tuvan artist
Valeri Yelizarov is a master of birch bark, leather, and stone.

Tuvan Calendar
Courtesy of the Tuva Trader, here is a list of important dates on the Tuvan calendar.

Stamps of Tuva
Our collection of links to other sites or articles related to the stamps of Tuva.

Maps of Tuva
All the maps we could find!

Flags of Tuva
A retrospective of Tuvan flags used this century, with images.

Shamanism In Tuva
Articles we've found on shamanism in Tuva.

Cooking In Tuva
Tuvan recipes, or how to make food from Tuva.

Tuvan Tales
Folklore from Tuva.

Tuva: Russia's Tibet or the next Lithuania?
Ronald McMullen's 1993 paper on the probability and ramifications of Tuva's secession from Russia.

Tuva's Period of Independence
Peter Lugtig's Dutch-language essay on Tuva's time as an
independent country.

Linguist List items on the Tuvan language
Short articles on the Tuvan language.

Vanishing Languages
The July 2012 issue of National Geographic has an article on vanishing languages that includes Tuva.  The accompanying photos are on a different page.

My Kingdom for a Yurt!
How to build your own yurt (or ger), the traditional round felt tent of Tuva and Mongolia.

Tuva as seen from space
Spaceborne radar image of Tuva, courtesy of JPL, NASA, the US government, and the SIR program.

Data on the newsgroup alt.culture.tuva. Number of readers, traffic levels, etc.

Information on Tuva
Courtesy of Cornelie Müller-Gödecke and her very cool pages at Avantart.

Archaeological expedition in the Gorno Altaisk republic
This short report from the Gorno Altaisk republic isn't
within Tuvan boundaries, but the artifacts uncovered may be very
similar to those associated with ancient Tuvan ancestors. This is
the expedition that uncovered the famed Ice Maiden.

Postcard from Tuva
Would you like to send an electronic postcard from Tuva?

Hey You, Get Offa My Taiga!
A scholarly work by Brian Donahoe, part of the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology Working Papers.  (Requires Acrobat Reader, downloadable for free from .)

Eric Slone's Tuvan Remembrance Ceremony
In April 2004, some friends in Tuva held a ceremony in honour of the late Eric Slone, the Tuva Trader.

March 29, 2006: Total Eclipse of the Sun in Tuva
We are able to share the only photo we've received of the event.

Carvings from Tuva
Direct from the artist, you can now buy your own chonardash online.

Learning the Tuvan Language
Software from Before You Know It.

Can You Find Tuva On A Map? – If You Can, I Bet You Throat-Sing Its Praises!
A great article by Neil Fraser explaining why someone might find Tuva interesting.