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Our Mission Statement

Friends of Tuva (FoT) was conceived by accident in 1981 to commemorate Tuva's 60th anniversary as a distinctive splotch on the world globe. Because FoT is a brainchild of Ralph Leighton, it is impossible that it could even resemble an organization.  Rather, it has been a clearinghouse of information about Tuva and its "patron saint," Richard Feynman, who collected Tuvan stamps as a boy — and as an adult wondered,
        "Whatever happened to Tannu Tuva?"

FoT is unfunded and so has no affiliation with any government or religious institution. As there are no dues, meetings, or even a membership list, those who would like to consider themselves as Friends of Tuva should simply spread the word about this magical country, and celebrate Richard Feynman's spirit of adventure.