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Overtone Singers of the World

David Hykes and the Harmonic Choir
The Harmonic Choir have been leading the way in overtone singing for over twenty years. Take your time to explore their web pages, and perhaps even order some music!


Jim Cole & Spectral Voices
Jim Cole & Spectral Voices have been working with overtones for the past several years, inspired in part by the Harmonic Choir (see above). They have recorded an independent album, recorded in an empty water tower for its acoustic properties, and their album has been greeted warmly by many radio stations in several countries.


Big Sky
Minnesota band Big Sky has released an independent album that makes use of some overtone singing. Guitarist and singer Steve Sklar also maintains pages on learning to sing overtones.


Kiva, from Toronto, was a competitor in the 1995 khoomei symposium in Kyzyl. See her page for more!


Dutch Jew's Harp Papers
Not singing, but the Jew's Harp is very similar to the khomus. This may be the premiere site on the topic!


A four-piece group based in Moscow, Namgar brings to the stage the little-known fact of cultural unity of Mongolia and the Buryats of southern Siberia. The songs of sheep-herders and shaman gatherings (Neryeen), of love left behind in the steppe, and of joyful dance rhythms (Yookhor) are often chosen by Namgar's musicians from their rich tradition because these songs are known both on the Mongolian and the Russian side of the border.


Seth Augustus
Seth is a fine performer from the San Francisco area who has produced his own CD featuring throat singing in a variety of styles.
Imre Peemot
Described as the most promising throat singer of Scandinavia. He is now studying folk music at the Sibelius Academy of Music in Helsinki. They accepted him immediately after hearing his hörekteer and other styles and his skills as an instrumentalist.


The Throat Singer/ Ritual Performance artist from Portland.


Charlie King
His song "My Baby In the CIA" combines country music and throat-singing.