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Dembildei 2002
International festival of Khoomei 

667000, Chuldum str. 45, Kyzyl
Republic of Tuva, Russia
tel. (394 22) 1-19-90
fax. (394 22) 3-33-96

of the International Festival " D e m b i l d e i "

The Government of the Republic of Tyva, (RT), Ministry of Culture and Cinema, PT, State Committee on Physical Training and Sports, RT, State Committee on Youth Issues, RT, the State TV and Radio Company "Tyva", RT, Republican School of Arts, and Kongar-ool Ondar, People's Khoomeizhi, RT, Honoured Artist of Russia, are organizing the International Festival "Dembildei" in the town of Kyzyl, RT, in June 28-30, 2002.

1. General part.

1.1. The aims of the Festival (are):

  • to promote acknowledgement of the status of all styles of Tuvan khoomei/throat-singing as the basic, and leading art among related solo double-voiced kinds of throat-singing of other peoples in Central Asia;
  • to promote development, popularization and self-confirmation of khoomei;
  • to stimulate creative rise of both young throat singers and experienced khoomei performers of various nationalities in the world;
  • to bring together foreign citizens taught throat singing by Tuvan people to improve their skills;
  • to afford opportunities for foreign citizens as well as "The Society of Friends of Tyva", the USA, to render khoomei performers, musicians and artists of Tyva a financial voluntary support (by arranging tours, lectures, exhibitions, recording and production of compact discs, etc.);
  • to shoot a documentary film about Tuvan khoomei.

1.2. The International Festival "Dembildei" is held to celebrate in 2002 the 40th anniversary of Kongar-ool Ondar, the Honoured Artist of the        Russian Federation, People's Khoomeizhi of the Republic of Tyva.

2. Festival Administration.

The Festival "Dembildei" is held in June 28-30, 2002, in the town of Kyzyl, the Republic of Tyva.

The Festival's Programme includes:

  • International Contest of khoomei performers;
  • Traditions and customs, folklore and way of life of the Tuvan people in the yurt camp;
  • National wrestling ("Khuresh");
  • Horse races;
  • Demonstration of Tuvan national games;
  • Displays and sales of the works of applied arts masters in Tyva;
  • Show and sales of Tuvan traditional dresses and articles of local fashion designers;
  • Arrangement of celebration ceremonies and entertainment events.

Within the Festival gatherings, specialist advice and press-conferences will be set up to discuss how:

  • to further all forms of tourism, advertise tourist centers in Tyva to bring together foreign tourists;
  • to help local employers create necessary conditions for foreign investments and influence market relations in Tyva;
  • meetings of businessmen, representatives of voluntary, religious, research and scientific organizations interested to cooperate on mutually beneficial terms in commercial, economic and scientific, technological, cultural and humanitarian and other fields.

3. General Provisions of the Festival. 

3.1. Participation:

Every solo performer and group of various forms can participate;

  • every participant and group present two items, one of them is to be for the contest.

3.2. Requirements:

  • accordance with a performed throat-singing style;
  • observance of genre variety principles (khoomei, sygyt, kargyraa, ezengileer, borbangnadyr and others);
  • obligatory "Dembildei" theme variations of national instruments.

3.3 Terms:

  • phonograms are not allowed to be used,
  • participants are to have their own musical instruments.

4. The Festival awards:

  • Grand Prix of the "Dembildei" Festival and the People's Khoomeizhi title, RT;
  •  People's Khoomeizhi, PT;
  • People's Khoomeizhi, PT;
  • Prize-winner, the 1st degree;
  • Prize-winner, the 2nd gegree;
  • Prize-winner, the 3d degree;
  • Diploma-winner, the 1st degree;
  • Diploma-winner, the 2nd degree;
  • Diploma-winner, the 3d degree;
  • Prize-winner of spectators' affections;
  • Encouraging prizes.

5. Jury.

Outstanding specialists and khoomei experts from various countries are appointed by the Organizing Committee to make up the Jury of the Festival that will number 9 members. 

6. Applications and dates:

  • Festival participants are to put in an application and a group's passport in accordance with set form (Appendix);
  • Applications are taken till April, 30, 2002;
  • Participants are registered on the arrival day.

7. Accommodation and meals:

  • accommodation and meals of the Festival participants and honoured guests is at the expense of the Organizing Committee;
  • the Organizing Committee provides 3 meals a day.

8. Sponsors.

  • Money;
  • information;
  • material;
  • service support is accepted.

Sponsors are given a great opportunity to advertise their goods and services during the Festival's activities.

9. Accreditation.

The media representatives are accredited at the Festival. Application forms, report and payment terms are requested and sent to the Organizing Committee's address.

10. The Organizing Committee.

The Organizing Committee (OC) and Board of Directors (BD) are made up by founders to hold the Festival at a high organisational and creative level. The OC and BD report back to the founders and are responsible for the Festival's organisation and efficient and flexible administration.

The Organizing Committee comprises the following working groups:

  • administration;
  • technical provision;
  • advertisement and information;
  • director.

11. The Organizers' rights.

Copyright and contiguous rights:

  • exclusive rights to broadcast and permission for other organisations to broadcast;
  • exclusive rights to produce and popularize all kinds of audio-videoproduction;
  • of exclusive rights to use some subsidiary materials sent to the OC by sponsors for advertising purposes;
  • to organise 2-3 gala-performances of the Festival's participants;
  • the CO has the right to change the Festival's programme.

12. The rights and duties of participants.

Application to participate in the Festival is the consent with every item of the given Provisions, and also with all the organisation plans and the Festival's schedule.

Every participant or ensemble with its representative is:

  • to submit an application and register in the defined section;
  • to take part in all activities of the OC;
  • to observe the schedule and programme of the Festival, come to rehearsals, performances and events without delay.

13. Organization issues.

The registration fee of Festival's participants from foreign countries is $100, of participants from the Russian Federation and CIS, and Mongolia is 500 Russian roubles.

Sides sending the Festival's participants make payments of the trip, while meals and cultural programme are at the expense of the organising party.

We are contactable at:

66700, Russia, the Republic of Tyva,
45 Chuldum Str.,
tel: (394 22) 1-19-90
fax: (394 22) 3-33-96