FOBOS: Weather in Kyzyl/Tuva
Kyzyl Weather

Music From Tuva


  • [AS] Alan Shrives
  • [KY] Kerry Yackoboski
  • [OC] Oliver Corff
  • [BG] Bernard Greenberg
  • [JN]  Jarkko Niemi


  1. Tuva - Voices From The Center Of Asia (41:50)
    NUM: CD SF 40017
    LABEL: Smithsonian Folkways
    COMMENT: Distributed by Rounder Records, Cambridge MA. Numerous performers recorded in Tuva by Ted Levin, Eduard Alexeev, Zoya Kirgiz. Khoomei, jew's harp, sigit, animal imitations. Excellent, scholarly, musicological liner notes, texts in Tuvan available. [KY]
    PERFORMERS: Fedor Tau, Mergen Mongush, Anatoli Kuular, Sundukai Mongush, Tumat Kara-ool, Andrei Chuldum-ool, Chiraa-Bazhi, Anchimaa Sonat, Anchimaa Khert, Achyimaa Targin, Chandanmaa Torten-ool, Mikhail Dopchun, Marzhimal Ondar, Oleg Kuular, Ensemble Amirak, Gennadi Chash, Evgenii Oyun, Vasili Chazir, Vasilii Khuurak, Shozhul Salchak, Polina Ore-ool, Doluma Lopsanchap, Dhuren Oorzhak, Shimet Soyan, Alexander Davakai, Tatyana Sat, Balgan Kuzhuget, Bilchit-Maa Davaa, Kok-ool Khovalyg, Soskur-ool Mongush, Dosumaa Mongush, Valentina Kuular, Raisa Mongush, Lenmaa Kuular, Soskul Mongush, Kazak Sandak
    TRACKS: 33
    1. Steppe Kargiraa
    2. Sigit
    3. Sigit Alash
    4. Sigit with Igil
    5. Khoomei
    6. Khoomei
    7. Tespeng Khoomei
    8. Kozhamik (medley) with khoomei, sigit, kargiraa
    9. Kargiraa duet ``Artii-Sayir''
    10. Khomuz melodies played by a trio of khomuz players
    11. Borbannadir
    12. Borbannadir
    13. Borbannadir with finger strokes across lips
    14. Borbannadir
    15. Ezengileer
    16. Sigit with khomuz
    17. Medley of different throat singing styles
    18. Kargiraa ``Artii-Sayir''
    19. Melody on the amirge (hunting horn): luring of the stag
    20. a) Imitation of the roe deer
      b) Imitation of the musk deer
      c) Imitation of the reindeer
      d) Imitation of the owl
      e) Imitation of the wolf's howl
      f) Appeal to the patron of hunters before the bear hunt
      g) Reindeer herder's calls to the reindeer
    21. Domestication of sheep to lamb
    22. Domestication of goat to kid
    23. Domestication of cow to calf
    24. Domestication of camel to calf
    25. Excerpt from shamnic healing ritual
    26. Funeral lament
    27. Lullaby
    28. Wooden jew's harp
    29. Lullaby with khoomei
    30. Long song: ``Don't Frighten the Crane''
    31. Long song: ``When I Graze My Beautiful Sheep''
    32. Kozhamiktar
    33. Ceremonial song: ``Hymn to the Mountains''

  2. Tuva - Voices from the Land of the Eagles (46:46)
    NUM: 2005, 1991.
    LABEL: Pan Records
    COMMENT: Khomus, tyzani, igil, amirga, toshpular. Recorded February 23, 1991. Excellent liner notes. [KY]
    PERFORMERS: Kongar-ool Ondar, Kaigal-ool Khovalig, Gennadi Tumat.
    TRACKS: 11
    1. Igilding Iizi
    2. Toruktug Dolgai Tangdim
    3. Tying Siirtuktiilerining Iri
    4. Bayan Dugai Koshkarliimni
    5. Khomushka
    6. Ches Bulungum
    7. Sigit, Kargiraa, and Khoomei
    8. Kargiraa-style Song
    9. Khomus
    10. Iiskistiing Iri
    11. Tuva Kozhangnar

  3. Tuva Ensemble - Echoes from the Spirit World (61:38)
    NUM: CD 2013 CD, 1992.
    LABEL: Pan Records.
    COMMENT: Includes recordings made on tour in 1992 as well as older recordings from Soviet radio (1973, 1983, 1986). Superlative liner notes.
    PERFORMERS: Gennadi Tumat, Kongar-ool Ondar, Kaigal-ool Khovalyg, Anatolii Kuular Dambu-Dovzhu Sat, Stanislav Danmaa, Sergei Ondar, Ivan Saryglar, Boris Kherlii, Radomir Mongush, Maryam Sat
    TRACKS: 17
    1. Welcome (0:42)
    2. Ogbeler (15:12)
    3. Ondar Kombunung khoomeileer
      Sat Manchakainyng sygydy
      Kyrgys Soruktunung kargyraay
      Kara-Sal Ak-ooldung khoomei sygydy
      Sanchy Kyzyk-ooldung khoomei sygydy
      Bisting Tuva
    4. Kadararda Khoyum Charash (2:42)
    5. Dadyr-Dodur (0:46)
    6. Kham Algyzhy (3:11)
    7. Avtyng Algyzhy (3:36)
    8. Morgul (4:20)
    9. Sygyt #1 (3:42)
    10. Toruktug Dolgai Tangdym (3:29)
    11. Oorzhak Khun Ashtaar-ool Bile Maksim Daglainyng Khoomei Sygydy (3:05)
    12. Ugbazhkylar Ooldary (5:21)
    13. Ulug-Khemim, Sayan, Tangdym (1:53)
    14. Aratyng Yry (3:56)
    15. Sygyt #2 (2:34)
    16. Sygyt #3 (1:39)
    17. Potpourri Of Steppe Melodies (4:04)
    18. Teve Khaya (1:01)

  4. Tuvinian Singers & Musicians - Ch"oomej: Throat-Singing from the Center of Asia
    NUM: 55838, 1993.
    COMMENT: This CD can be warmly recommended to all lovers of Tuvinian music. The music presented is a well performed collection of authentic vocal and instrumental pieces. Since all pieces are strictly traditional this CD cannot be compared to the performance by e.g., Sainkho. Track number 9, performed by the unusually young artist Schaktar Schulban, reveals the enormous talent of this promising singer. The CD is very interesting because next to the overview of singing styles the listener is also introduced to a representative spectrum of instrumental music. [OC]
    PERFORMERS: Gennadi Tumat, German Kuular, Oleg Kuular, Schaktar Schulban (10 years old), Ondar Mongun-Ool, Bujan Dondak, Idamchap Chomushgu, "Opej Andrej, Alexander Saltschak
    TRACKS: 16
    1. Sygyt - Ch"oomej - Kargyraa - Gennadi Tumat
    2. Ugbashkylar Ooldary - Tuva-Ensemble
    3. Chomushgu Ayalgalar - German Kuular
    4. "Ogbeler - Tuva-Ensemble
    5. Sygyt - Borbangnadyr - Oleg Kuular
    6. Collection of Ch"oomej styles - Oleg Kuular
    7. Chomus and Ch"oomej - Oleg Kuular
    8. Ching S"oortukchulerining Yry - Tuva-Ensemble
    9. Sygyt - Kargyraa - Schaktar Schulban
    10. Sygyt - Ondar Mongun-Ool
    11. Kargyraa - Bujan Dondak
    12. Adym - Tuva-Ensemble
    13. Chomushgu Ayalgalar - Idamchap Chomushgu
    14. Tschasky-Chem Yry - "Opej Andrej & Tschetschek
    15. Cham Algyshy - Alexander Saltschak
    16. Sygyt - Kargyraa - "Opej Andrej

  5. Ozum (Sprouts) - Young Voices of Ancient Tuva (42:34)
    NUM: CD sum 90 008.
    LABEL: Window to Europe
    COMMENT: A Dutch-Russian release. Three young Tuvan musicians who have built on the traditional style. A strong album that I really like. Khoomei, khomus, acoustic guitar, and shaman drum. [KY]
    PERFORMERS: Otkun Dostai, Oolak Ondar, Stanislav Iril
    TRACKS: 13
    1. Introduction - Dostai, Iril
    2. Khoomei - Dostai
    3. Evolution of Khomus - Dostai
    4. a) daya-khomus
      b) charti-khomus
      c) demir-khomus
    5. Sygyt - Ondar
    6. Story of an Old Bull - Dostai
    7. Kargiraa - Iril
    8. Kham of a Shaman (Interpretation for Stage) - Dostai
    9. Sygyt - Ondar
    10. Khoomei - Dostai
    11. Borbannadyr (River Khoomei) - Dostai
    12. Sygyt - Ondar
    13. A Song of Orphans - Dostai, Iril
    14. Otkun, Khomus and Tuvan Tunes - Dostai

  6. Huun-Huur-Tu - Sixty Horses In My Herd - Old Songs and Tunes of Tuva
    NUM: D SH 64050 CD/MC
    LABEL: Shanachie Records
    COMMENT: Master khoomigch Kaigal-ool Khovalyg and his new group, which has toured all over the US. Top-notch khoomei, other singing, igil (Tuvan viol) playing. Its being studio-produced, which although lending a slight inauthenticity, makes for an eminently listenable album. Decent liner notes and text. [BG]
    PERFORMERS: Kaigal-ool Khovalyg, Sayan Bapa, Sasha Bapa, Albert Kuvezin.
    TRACKS: 12
    1. Sygyt: Lament of the Igil
    2. Mezhegei
    3. Oske Chere (``Foreign Land'')
    4. Eshten Charlyyry Berge (``It's hard to be parted from a friend'')
    5. Kombu
    6. Khoomei
    7. Kongurei
    8. Fantasy on the Igil
    9. Bayan Dugai
    10. Tuvan Internationale
    11. Kargyraa
    12. Ching Soortukchulerining YrYzy

  7. Huun-Huur-Tu - The Orphan's Lament
    NUM: 64058 CD
    LABEL: Shanachie Records
    COMMENT: A work of well-produced art, contemporary offerings in traditional Tuvan styles, not an ethnomusicological assay. Its 16 pieces in styles varying from unison Kargyraa chants to political songs to khomus ("Jews' harp") solos provide a tour-de-force of Tuvan styles designed for listening pleasure and wonderment. Master khoomigch Kaigal-ool Khovalyg's deeply touching igil (Tuvan viol) playing is (as on "60 Horses") a real highlight of the album. His frequent vocal solos in all styles, and those of the sweet-voiced Anatoli Kuular, joined by Mergen Mongush for one sygyt cut, help place this album among the two or three "must-have"'s for anyone who *enjoys* authentic Tuvan music. [BSG]
    PERFORMERS: Kaigal-ool Khovalyg, Sayan Bapa, Sasha Bapa, Anatoli Kuular, with Mergen Mongush on Track 13.
    TRACKS: 16
    1. Prayer
    2. Ancestors
    3. Aa-shuu Dekei-oo
    4. Eerbek-Aksy
    5. The Orphan's Lament
    6. Kaldak Khamar
    7. Steppe
    8. Borbanngadyr
    9. Chiraa-Khoor (``The Yellow Trotter'')
    10. Exile's Song
    11. Eki Attar
    12. Irik Chuduk (``The Rotting Log'')
    13. Sygyt
    14. Agitator
    15. Khomuz Medley
    16. Odugen Taiga

  8. Tales of Tuva.
    COMMENT: Kira Van Deusen recites three Tuvan stories (in English) with musical accompaniment. [KY]
    PERFORMERS: Kongar-ool Ondar, Kaigal-ool Khovalyg, Anatoli Kuular.

  9. Shu-De - Voices from the Distant Steppe (49:45)
    NUM: CDRW41 (Carol 2339-2), 1994.
    LABEL: Real World Records
    COMMENT: Including all varieties of khoomei, igil, doshpuluur, & limbi (flute) playing, plus a wide variety of styles from Buddhist Chant to Tuvan tonguetwisters to Western-style choral harmony. A shamanic ritual ends out the CD. A magnificent kargyraa cut by Leonid Oorzhak is a highlight. Eminently listenable. Weak liner notes. [BG]
    PERFORMERS: M. Mongush, Leonid Oorzhak, N. Shoigu, Boris Salchak, Oleg Kuular
    TRACKS: 16
    1. Sygyt, khoomei, kargyraa (styles of throat singing)
    2. Aian Dudal (songs of devotion and praise)
    3. Beezhinden (Coming back from Beijing)
    4. Buura
    5. Durgen Chugaa (Tongue twisters)
    6. Throat singing and Igil (Untitled)
    7. Yraazhy Kys (The Singing Girl)
    8. Shyngyr-Shyngyr
    9. Baian-Dudai
    10. Khomus Solo (Jew's harp solo)
    11. Meen Khemchim (My Khemchik River)
    12. Opei Yry (A lullaby)
    13. Tyva-Urianskchai
    14. Chashpy-Khem (The River Chashpy)
    15. Kadarchynyng Yry (The Nomad Song)
    16. Kham (Shaman Ritual)

  10. Tuva - Pesni I Instrumentalnie Melodii Tuvi
     NUM: D030773-74, 1969
    LABEL: Melodiya
    COMMENT: LP is o longer available. LP recorded by Vyacheslav Shchurov.
    Released on CD by Dust to Digital in 2007. The CD is out-of-print but available through sites like ebay but the digital download is still available on the website
    TRACKS: 16

      Side 1

    1. Alash River - sygyt - Oorzhak Khunashtaar-ool
    2. Bayan-Kol - sygyt - Oorzhak Khunashtaar-ool
    3. I Won't Give Up My Khoomei - Oorzhak Khunashtaar-ool
    4. Manchurek - khoomei - Oorzhak Khunashtaar-ool
    5. My Brother, I'll Sing Borban - borbannadyr - Oorzhak Khunashtaar-ool
    6. My Beloved Girl's Ear-Rings - Kara-Sal Ak-ool
    7. Tuvan Folk Tunes - Manohakay Sat
    8. Song of Khoomeizhi - M. Dakpay
    9. Artyy Saiyr - kargyraa - D. Damba-Darzhaa, A Lapman
    10. Side 2

    11. Fantasia on Tuvan Folk Songs - Kara-Sal Ak-ool
    12. Song about the Igil - Kara-Sal Ak-ool
    13. Three Old Melodies - Kara-Sal Ak-ool
    14. Dembildey - Kara-Sal Ak-ool
    15. Uzyn-khoyug - Kara-Sal Ak-ool
    16. Temir-khomus - N. Olzey-ool
    17. To Summer Pastures - Kara-kyz Munzuk

  11. Tuva - Tuvinski Folklore
    NUM: C60-14937-42, 1981
    LABEL: Melodiya
    COMMENT: No longer available, 3 LP set. Mostly khoomei and instrumental. One entire disk (both sides) is devoted to two tracks, each over 24 minutes long, of byzanchi playing. There are also several tracks of story telling, and a few of the musical numbers are repeated with variations or in slightly different styles. [KY]
    TRACKS: 65

  12. Uzlyau - Gutteral Singing From The Sayan, Altai And Ural Mountains (62:01)
    NUM: PAN 2019CD
    LABEL: Pan Records
    COMMENT: Recordings from Russian archives form a catalog of all known styles of overtone singing collected, produced, (partially) recorded, and documented in encyclopaedic, scholarly liner notes by Vyacheslav Shchurov. Studio and field recordings, featuring master khoomigch Oorzhak Khunashtaar-ool in some awesome 1977 performances recored by Radio Moscow. Some doshpuluur and khomus, but almost all vocal. Some absolute knockout kargyraa. A must. [BG]
    PERFORMERS: Boris Mongush, Sergei Kuular, Oorzhak Khunashtaar-ool, Sevec Aldyn-ool, Ayas Ondar, Gennadi Tumat, I.Shinzhin, Aleksey Kalkin, Mansur Uzanbayev, Bibizada Suleymanova, Hasan Akhetshin, Abdulla Sultanov, Azat Aitkulov,
    TRACKS: 37


    1. Sygyt #1 - 1:39 (Boris Mongush)
    2. Sygyt #2 - 1:19 (Sergei Kuular)
    3. Manchurek Khem #1 - 1:23 (Oorzhak Khunashtaar-ool)
    4. Manchurek Khem #2 - 1:32 (Oorzhak Khunashtaar-ool)
    5. Bolur-Daa Bol, Bolbas-Daa Bol - 1:10 (Oorzhak Khunashtaar-ool)
    6. Alash-Um - 2:06 (Oorzhak Khunashtaar-ool)
    7. I won't Stop Singing Kargyraa #1 - 1:24 (Oorzhak Khunashtaar-ool)
    8. I won't Stop Singing Kargyraa #2 - 1:17 (Oorzhak Khunashtaar-ool)
    9. Kargyraa - 1:55 (Sevec Aldyn-ool)
    10. Eder-Daa Bol, Etpes-Daa Bol - 1:02 (Oorzhak Khunashtaar-ool)
    11. Sygyt And Borbangnadyr - 2:07 (Ayas Ondar)
    12. Sygyt And Kargyraa - 3:44 (Gennadi Tumat)
    13. Altai

    14. Akhtaichi - 1:27 (I.Shinzhin)
    15. Maaday Kara - 4:37 (Aleksey Kalkin)
    16. Bashkiria

    17. Uzlyau - Free Style - 1:29 (Mansur Uzanbayev)
    18. Uzlyau - Slow Form #1 - 1:08 (Mansur Uzanbayev)
    19. Uzlyau - Slow Form #2 - 1:13 (Mansur Uzanbayev)
    20. Uzlyau - Dance #1 - 1:25 (Mansur Uzanbayev)
    21. Uzlyau - Dance #2 - 1:09 (Mansur Uzanbayev)
    22. Village Melody - Uzlyau - 3:53 (Bibizada Suleymanova)
    23. Village Melody - Normal - 0:37 (Bibizada Suleymanova)
    24. Tevkelyev - Uzlyau - 2:22 (Bibizada Suleymanova)
    25. Tevkelyev - Normal - 0:48 (Bibizada Suleymanova)
    26. Gaysa Akhun - Uzlyau - 1:48 (Bibizada Suleymanova)
    27. Gaysa Akhun - Normal - 0:39 (Bibizada Suleymanova)
    28. Karabay - Uzlyau - 1:52 (Bibizada Suleymanova)
    29. Karabay - Normal - 0:33 (Bibizada Suleymanova)
    30. Tatar Song - Uzlyau - 0:33 (Bibizada Suleymanova)
    31. Tatar Song - Normal - 0:51 (Bibizada Suleymanova)
    32. Tatar Song - Kubyz - 2:14 (Bibizada Suleymanova)
    33. Kara Yurga #1 - 1:37 (Hasan Akhetshin)
    34. Kara Yurga #2 - 0:20 (Hasan Akhetshin)
    35. Artilish - 2:28 (Hasan Akhetshin)
    36. Aksak Kola - 1:59 (Hasan Akhetshin)
    37. Ugezakov - 1:10 (Abdulla Sultanov)
    38. Peshiy Makhmut - 2:13 (Azat Aitkulov)
    39. Soldier's March - 1:44 (Azat Aitkulov)

  13. Sainkho Namtchylak - Lost Rivers (74:18)
    NUM: FMP CD 42
    LABEL: Free Music Productions
    COMMENT: Solo voice. Avante garde singing, with some polyphonic singing. [KY]
    PERFORMERS: Sainkho Namtchylak
    TRACKS: 13
    1. Night Birds
    2. Early Steps
    3. Cschai-Su
    4. Tovarishi
    5. Houwa
    6. White Food
    7. Memory I
    8. Dream of Death
    9. Ach So (dedicated to women)
    10. Lost Rivers
    11. Tundra Und Taiga
    12. Long Continuum
    13. Memory II

  14. Sainkho Namtchylak - When the Sun Is Out You Don't See Stars (72:50)
    NUM: FMP CD 38
    LABEL: Free Music Productions
    COMMENT: Less avante garde than Lost Rivers. [KY]
    PERFORMERS: Sainkho Namtchylak, Peter Kowald (bass), Werner Ludi (saxes), Butch Morris (cornet).
    TRACKS: 20
    1. Dance of the Invisibles
    2. Paris Bar
    3. A Thousand Years Et Cetera
    4. Bursting Bubbles
    5. Sacred Places
    6. Overcome Babylon
    7. Wind Talking
    8. Happysad
    9. Bold As Gold
    10. Killer Planets
    11. Dawn in Tuva
    12. Yes Yes The Anarchy
    13. A Little World Music
    14. Long Trust and These Jokes
    15. Dark Side of White
    16. The Art of Falling Apart
    17. Burning Spirits
    18. Pretty Ugly
    19. House of Trouble
    20. No Longer Down Under

  15. Sainkho Namtchylak - Out Of Tuva (40:30)
    NUM: CRAW 6
    LABEL: Crammed Discs
    COMMENT: A collection of mostly traditional songs, some arranged in a new context.
    TRACKS: 13
    1. Tanola Nomads (5:53)
    2. Tchashpy-Hem (2:03)
    3. Aldan Hoynung (1:58)
    4. Bai-laa Taigam (3:08)
    5. Fate (4:58)
    6. Lullaby For Lambs (4:25)
    7. Kolkhozchu-man (1:34)
    8. Ritual Song (4:05)
    9. Seyd Ozero (1:18)
    10. Haragannig (2:55)
    11. Chahgaa (2:38)
    12. Hymn (1:57)
    13. My Tuva (3:05)

  16. Sainkho Namtchylak - Letters
    NUM: CD 190
    LABEL: Leo
    COMMENT: Unreviewed.

  17. Yat-Kha (57:22)
    NUM: GR 90-202, 1993
    LABEL: General Records (Moscow)
    COMMENT: This CD is Albert's experiment with techno. Kuvezin is a founding member of the group Huun-Huur-Tu, living in Moscow, who specializes in his own style of kargyraa, extremely low-pitched singing with artificial subharmonics. In this hour of 13 tracks, he exploits this awesome and rarely-heard technique, combining it with techno-pop backup sounds (and a token amount of traditional singing/playing) to produce a thoroughly unique, avant-garde offering which has the power to grow on you. Deliberately obscure liner notes [BSG].
    PERFORMERS: Albert Kuvezin (throat-singing and instruments yat-kha, byzanchi, organs, homus, percussion & gongs) and Ivan Sokolovski (keyboards, computers, cello, drums & percussions, noises).
    TRACKS: 13
    1. Albys-shulbus (Calling of Spirits)
    2. Antropofagy
    3. Spring Hunting on Sable
    4. Halyrkan (Mounting Spirit-Hider)
    5. Shaman
    6. Shambalyg (Old Shaman's Song)
    7. Heart of Asia
    8. Mejegei Valley
    9. Chaa-Hol (New Lake)
    10. Argym Sarym (Tuvan Love Song)
    11. Burial
    12. Samdam (Tramp)
    13. Teve-haya

  18. Voix de l'Orient Sovietique
    NUM: W 260008
    LABEL: Maison des Cultures Du Monde
    COMMENT: Only one khoomei track, but a very interesting collection. Other tracks from other Soviet (now CIS) central Asian republics.

  19. Kronos Quartet - Night Prayers (78:51)
    NUM: CD 2 79346, 1994.
    LABEL: Elektra Nonesuch
    COMMENT: Distributed by Warner Music. One track on this CD, "Kongerei", features khoomei singing to the accompaniment of the Quartet (2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello). This new version is interesting in it's approach to a traditional Tuvan song with modern Western instruments. [KY]
    PERFORMERS: Kaigal-ool Khovalyg, Anatoly Kuular, Kongar-ool Ondar, with the Kronos Quartet (David Harrington, John Sherba, Hank Dutt, Joan Jeanrenaud)
    TRACKS: 7
    • 7) Kongerei (3:38)

  20. Disappearing World (76:54)
    NUM: CD-SDL 376
    LABEL: Saydisc Records
    COMMENT: Music of 17 endangered cultures recorded by Granada Television for the Disappearing World TV series. Some of the recordings are outstanding, including the Tuvan songs. The Tuvan program was: "The Herders of Mongun-Taiga" transmitted June, 1989. The liner notes let this disc down badly. There is little information about the performers, or when and where they were recorded. See also Mongolian list. [AS]
    TRACKS: 17
    • 17) The Tuvinians (7:04)
      a) Kargyraa
      b) Sygyt
      c) Sygyt & igil
      d) Sygyt & tovshuur
      e) Sygyt & female duulakh & igil

  21. Tuva ayalgalar (Tuvan melodies)
    NUM: D-030773-4
    LABEL: Melodiya

  22. Tuvinskiye pesni i instrumentalnie naigrishi
    (Tuvan songs and instrumental pieces)

    NUM: D-03639-70 (1970)
    LABEL: Melodiya 

  23. Huun-Huur-Tu and Angelite: Fly, Fly My Sadness 
    NUM: 4197-2
    (Angelite was formerly called Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares), This CD is definitely meditative stuff --- not quite my style, but certainly an interesting mixture of distinctive musical traditions. [RL] 

  24. The Bulgarian Voices ANGELITE & the Moscow Art Trio with Huun-Huur-Tu: Mountain Tale
    NUM: 4212-2

  25. Huun-Huur-Tu: Where Young Grass Grows
    NUM: CD 66018
    LABEL: Shanachie Records CD
    15 tracks, 45'05. No review available yet. Tracklist: 1 Ezir-Kara 2 Anatoly On Horseback 3 Deke-Jo 4 Xöömeyimny Kagbasla Men (I will not abandon my xöömei) 5 Avam Churtu Dugayimny (Dugai, the land of my mother) 6 Dyngyldai 7 Highland Tune 8 Hayang (name of a hunter) 9 Barlyk River 10 Tarlaashkyn 11 Interlude: Sayan playing khomus with water in his mouth 12 Sarala 13 Sagla Khadyn Turula Boor (It's probably windy on Sagly steppe) 14 Ezertep-Le Bereyin Be (Do you want me to saddle you?) 15 Live Recording: Anatoly and Kaigal-ool riding horses in Eleges while singing sygyt (Anatoly), kargyraa and xöömei (Kaigal-ool) 

  26. Huun-Huur-Tu: If I'd Been Born An Eagle 
    LABEL: Shanachie Records 
    "If I'd Been Born An Eagle" explores a possible past with the addition of an end-blown flute, an instrument of other Turkic mountain peoples, which may once have been played in Tuva. Once you hear it along with the other Tuvan instruments, you'll wonder why the Tuvans ever gave it up! This CD is a worthy addition to the other two by HHT. [RL] 


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  • Crammed Discs, 43 Rue General Patton, 1050 Brussels, Belgium.
  • Free Music Productions, Postbox 100 227, 1000 Berlin 10, Germany
  • King Records, 12-13, 2-Chome, Otowa, Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo 112, Japan.
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  • World Network, Distributed by Zweitausendeins Versand, Postfach, D-60381 Frankfurt.
  • Window to Europe, Jodenbreestraat 24, 1011 NK, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • JARO publishes Huun-Huur-Tu's CDs in Europe and also organizes their tours in Europe.