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Tuvan Music Camp

[The following is an announcement on the behalf of the Tuvan Camp organizers - Editor]

Can't make it to Tuva? We're bringing Tuva to California! Because Baratsag's camp facilities are large, and we have seen a growing interest by the Hungarian community in the music of Central Asia, we have decided to broaden our scope and support traditional Tuvan music alongside our regular camp activities. Baratsag Hungarian Dance & Music Camp has teamed up with Tuvan musicians Igor Koshkendey & Alexander Bapa to bring you California's first Tuvan music camp. They will be giving beginning and advanced instruction in Tuvan throat singing techniques as well as instrumental music, as needed. This is your Opportunity of the Year to explore the musical nomad you've always had inside. 

Mendocino Woodlands, Camp One, from Sunday, July 7 to Saturday, July 13.

The Tuvan Camp will occur simultaneously with the Baratsag Hungarian Dance and Music Camp. Some "cross-over" participation is encouraged! 

Igor Koshkendey is a very popular throat singer in Tuva. He won first place in throat singing at symposiums in 1995 and 1996, and is also the winner of the international competition in Llangollen, England. He sings 5 styles by throat singing: sygyt, kargyraa, khomey,Oydupaa style, and chylandyk, and plays the traditional Tuvan musical instruments, bayan, igil, morin-huur, khomus. Igor toured and performed very successfully in the US with the group, Chirgilchin in 2000 and 2001.

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Baratsag is located in Camp One of the beautiful Mendocino Woodlands, an idyllic, village-like setting surrounded by the giant coastal Redwoods of the Jackson State Forest in Northern California. Sunny meadows by the large beaver pond and wandering paths through the woods invite one to a lazy afternoon or a magical experience exploring the majesty of the towering Redwood forests. Its location near the picturesque coastal town of Mendocino means the camp enjoys exceptionally pleasant weather and added site-seeing and shopping opportunities.

The quaint wooden cabins of Camp One, graced with balconies and fireplaces, are clustered in little "villages" among the redwood trees and offer a wonderful sense of privacy with only 2 to 4 per cabin! Each "village" has its own conveniently located restroom facility with electricity and hot, private showers.

The dining hall of Camp One has a fully equipped professional kitchen joining two rooms for dining and meeting, each with a large fireplace. Nearby is the Assembly Hall with 1800 sq. ft. of solid wood floor, inviting us all to hours of music, dancing and fun. Together with the amphitheater and meadows, there are a variety of areas for classes, meals, and daily activities.

Gourmet Dining with Jeff O'Connor!

Baratsag 2002 offers an extraordinary lineup of teachers, dance and music in a picture-perfect setting. As if this weren't enough, we will also take you on an exceptional culinary journey that has become a major part of the Baratsag experience, thanks to the skillfulness and dedication of Jeff O' Connor and his crew. Since that first camp 20 years ago, Jeff has prepared our meals using only the freshest ingredients and complimented with daily doses of freshly baked, homemade bread - his menu rivals many a fine restaurant. Together with his crew, Jeff promises another weeklong indulgence in the finest food fest around.

We also have a well-developed Children's Program which allows the parent(s) the freedom to concentrate on their lessons while their child or children enjoy varied activities during much of the day.

Camp Fee: $525 (includes tuition, food, lodging)
Discounts available for families and groups

Deposit: $100/person, postmarked by May 20, with SASE.
Include Name, Address, Phone, email (if applicable)
Please indicate your intention to study singing, instrumental music or both.

Please make all checks payable to Baratsag and send to:

Baratsag Registration
45221 Mar Vista Drive
Mendocino, CA 95460

For more information contact us: