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The Friends of Tuva Newsletter
Celebrating Richard Feynman's spirit of adventure

Sixteenth Issue: Winter 1996-1997
Edited by Ralph Leighton

This was going to be pages 9-16 of the fifteenth issue, but so much time has elapsed that it might as well be a new issue! The seventeenth issue will appear in late Spring, 1997.

Published by Friends of Tuva, Box 70021, Pasadena CA 91117 USA
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Huun-Huur-Tu Rides Again

After a one-year hiatus, Huun-Huur-Tu (sometimes called ``Throat Singers of Tuva''), featuring the golden voice of Kaigal-Ool Khovalyg, will tour in January-March, 1997. If you haven't seen them, DON'T MISS THIS CHANCE! If you have seen them, I know you'll be going again.

Here is information provided by the tour organizer, International Music Network, (508) 283-2883.

Jan. 30: Lobero Theatre                         Paul Argenbright
         Santa Barbara, CA                      123 W. Padre, Suite B
                                                Santa Barbara, CA  93105
                                                phone: 805/563-7585
                                                fax: 805/563-9985

Jan. 31: Methodist Church                       Barbara Karol
         Encinitas, CA                          San Diego Folk Heritage
                                                458 Palmitas Street
                                                Solana Beach, CA  92075
                                                phone: 619/755-4231
                                                fax: 619/755-1196

Feb. 1: McCabes                                 Zachariah Love
        3101 Pico Blvd                          McCabes
        Santa Monica, CA  90405                 3101 Pico Blvd
                                                Santa Monica, CA  90405
                                                phone: 310/828-8037

Feb. 2: Temple of Music                         Don Gest
        330 S. Scott Avenue                     Gest Productions
        Tucson, AZ  85701                       1307 East Adelaide Drive
                                                Tucson, AZ  85719
                                                phone: 520/327-4809
                                                fax: 520/320-9489

Feb. 5: Kingsbury Hall                          Steve Bouley
        University of Utah                      Space Agency
        Salt Lake City, Utah 84111              419 East 100 South
                                                Salt Lake City, UT  84111
                                                phone: 801/355-2200
                                                fax: 801: 355-2236

Feb. 6: Boulder Theater                         Nona Gandelman
        Boulder, Colorado                       Maven Productions
                                                PO Box 970
                                                Boulder, CO  80306
                                                phone: 303/443-5858
                                                fax: 303/443-5894

Feb. 8: Meany Hall                              Matt Krashan
        University of Washington                Univ. of Washington/Seattle
        Seattle, WA                             Meany Hall, Box 351150
                                                Seattle, WA  98195
                                                phone: 206/543-4882
                                                fax: 206/685-2759

Feb. 9: Beall Hall                              Mark Levy
        University of Oregon                    University of Oregon
        Eugene, OR                              School of Music/1225 Univ. of
                                                Eugene, OR  97403
                                                phone: 541/346-2852

Feb. 11: Aladdin Theatre                        Steve Reischman
         3116 SE 11th Avenue                    Showman Inc.
         Portland, OR  97202                    3116 SE 11th Street
                                                Portland, OR  97202
                                                ph: 503/234-9694
                                                fax: 503/234-9699

Feb. 12: Laxson Auditorium                      Pat Kopp
         Cal. State University                  Cal State Univ., Chico
         Chico, CA                              Public Events/400 W. First &
                                                Orange St.
                                                Chico, CA  95929
                                                phone: 916/898-5917
                                                fax: 916/895-6824

Feb. 13: Varsity Theatre                        Steve Weiss
         Second Street                          Univ. of California/Davis
         Davis, CA                              University Cultural Programs
                                                Davis, CA  95616
                                                ph: 916/757-3488
                                                Fax: 916/757-6185

Feb. 14-15: Great American Music Hall           Annie O'Toole
            859 O'Farrell St.                   Great American Music Hall
            San Francisco, CA  94109            859 O'Farrell St
                                                San Francisco, CA  94109
                                                phone: 415/202-9815
                                                fax: 415/885-5452

Feb. 19- 21: Cedar Cultural Center              Bill Kubeczko
             416 Cedar Avenue South             Cedar Cultural Center
             Minneapolis, Minn  55454           416 Cedar Avenue South
                                                Minneapolis, MN  55454
                                                ph: 612/338-2674
                                                fax: 612/338-1687

Feb. 22: Old Town School of Folk Music          Colleen Miller
         909 W. Armitage Avenue                 Old Town School of Folk Music
         Chicago, IL  60614                     909 W. Armitage Avenue
                                                Chicago, IL  60614
                                                phone: 312/525-7793
                                                fax: 312/525-7842

Feb. 24: John Waldron Arts Center               Lee Williams
         122 S. Walnut St.                      Lotus World Music and Arts
         Bloomington, IN  47402                 Festival.  PO Box 1667
                                                Bloomington, IN  47402
                                                ph: 812/336-6599

Feb. 25: The Ark                                Lee Berry
         316 S. Main St.                        Prism Productions
         Ann Arbor, MI  48104                   PO Box 8125
                                                Ann Arbor, MI  48107
                                                phone: 313/665-4755
                                                fax: 313/996-4553

Feb. 27: Wellin Hall                            Maitland Alferieff
         Hamilton College                       Hamilton College Music Dept.
         Clinton, NY  13323                     198 College Hill Rd.
                                                Clinton, NY  13323
                                                phone: 315/859-4331
                                                fax: 315/859-4632

Feb. 28: Portland High School                   Bau Graves
         Portland, Maine                        Portland Performance Arts Center
                                                25A Forest Ave.
                                                Portland, Maine 04104
                                                phone: 207/761-0591
                                                fax: 207/775-4254

March 1: Iron Horse                             Jordi Herold
         20 Center St.                          Iron Horse
         Northampton, MA  01060                 One Short Street
                                                Northampton, MA  01060
                                                ph: 413/586-2632
                                                fax: 413/586-1162

March 2: Sander Theatre,                        Maure Aronson
         Harvard University                     World Music, Inc
         Cambridge, MA                          720 Mass Avenue
                                                Cambridge, MA  02139
                                                ph: 617/876-4275
                                                fax: 617/876-9170

March 6: Moore Theater                           Margaret Lawrence
         Dartmouth College                       6041 Hopkins Center
         Hanover, NH  03755                      Dartmouth College
                                                 Hanover, NH  03755
                                                 ph: 603/646-3453
                                                 fax: 603/646-3911

March 8: Town Hall                               Robert Browning
         123 W 43rd St.                          World Music Institute
         New York, NY  10036                     49 W. 27th St.  #810
                                                 New York, NY  10001
                                                 phone: 212/545-7536
                                                 fax: 212/889-2771

March 9: International House                     Helen Henry
         Folklife Center                         Folklife Center/International
         Philadelphia, PA  19104                 House; 3701 Chestnut St.
                                                 Philadelphia, PA  19104
                                                 Ph: 215/387-5125

March 10: Birchmere                              Zoey Read
          3901 Mt. Vernon Ave.                   Chesapeake Concerts, Inc.
          Alexandria, VA  22305                  5203 Leesburg Pike, Suite 1302
                                                 Falls Church, VA  22041
                                                 Ph: 703/824-1525
                                                 fax: 703/824-1542

Huun-Huur-Tu's New CD's

A third CD by Huun-Huur-Tu has just been released by Shanachie Records to coincide with HHT's 1997 tour. If I'd Been Born An Eagle explores a possible past with the addition of an end-blown flute, an instrument of other Turkic mountain peoples, which may once have been played in Tuva. Once you hear it along with the other Tuvan instruments, you'll wonder why the Tuvans ever gave it up! This CD is a worthy addition to the other two by HHT.

HHT also appear on a CD recorded in Bulgaria with the women's choir Angelite (formerly called Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares). Called Fly, Fly My Sadness, this CD is definitely meditative stuff --- not quite my style, but certainly an interesting mixture of distinctive musical traditions. All four CD's by Huun-Huur-Tu are available from the Tuva Trader.

Other Record News

by Pat Conte, curator,
Secret Museum

Well, it's finally available, folks --- those of you who have been waiting since 1928 or so, when the original disc was discontinued (or thereabouts): The Lonely Cowboy, Parts 1 and 2, by Arthur Miles, a mysterious cowboy from Austin.

This should finally put to rest Ralph Leighton's unspoken suspicions about my faking this through elaborate electronic trickery (only kidding, RL...). It's on When I Was a Cowboy: Early American Songs of the West, Vol. 1 (Shanachie's label Yazoo #2022; Vol. 2 is #2023).

It's a beautiful set of cowboy musicianship, poetic lyrics, and rare glimpses into history. Volume 1 has Arthur Miles on his throat-singing trip (singing two notes at the same time, self-taught, with yodelling to boot!) --- though not alone in the annals of American music, Miles seems to me the smoothest. So, best get to Tower Records now, or through the home page of Yazoo's mothership, Shanachie Music Corp .

Infinity On Video

For those of you who missed Matthew Broderick starring as Richard Feynman in Infinity, a film of mixed reviews written by Matthew's mother, now's your chance to see it. Inquire at your local video store for rental. (It's also on laser disc.)

Atomic Bombers

The world premiere of a play featuring the character of Richard Feynman at Los Alamos will take place in March at the Northlight Theatre in Skokie, Illinois. It was written by Russel Vandenbroucke, Artistic Director --- and author of a similar play that Feynman himself saw and enjoyed tremendously in Los Angeles.

The press release states:

With the wry physicist Richard Feynman as guide --- first as a graduate student, later a Nobel Prize winner... --- the mad dash to the atom bomb comes alive with dark humor, intellectual mischief and riveting drama.

The 250-seat theater is new and state-of-the-art, with no seat more than 10 rows away from the Greco-Roman thrust stage. Atomic Bombers is the first play in the new home of the Northlight Theatre.

For information, call (847) 869-7278. Previews begin on March 5; the play runs through March 30.

FoT HQ in Chaos!

The adage "when it rains, it pours" is proving true as many factors have converged to make it difficult for me to devote as much time as I have done in previous years to keeping the Friends of Tuva operation running. By May, when I plan to publish the next newsletter, I hope things will have settled down. No need to go into details now; it's mainly a matter of delegating some of the responsibilities of keeping Feynman's spirit alive, and finding a bit more time for my family. (An unexpected family move from Los Angeles to San Francisco in November caused FoT activities to grind to a halt.)

The Tuva Trader is gradually being shifted to a website (the Tuva Trader OnLine) and a warehouse (instead of my home), which has resulted in some delays in fulfilling orders. Therefore, please do order items, but don't expect them to arrive next week. You might be pleasantly surprised, but your best chances of that are by giving up all hope of receiving your order soon. (It will arrive eventually, taking a leisurely amount of time, like a journey involving Tuva properly should.)

Thank you for your patience. I am trying to keep Friends of Tuva a mission, and not turn it into an efficient business!

Tuvanly yours,
(Signed, Ralph Leighton)

Urgent Action Alert: Imprisoned Conscientious Objector

Friends of Tuva is dedicated to Richard Feynman's spirit of adventure, thus making most of our activities fun. There is another part of Richard Feynman's spirit that deserves attention in the following story: his resistance to tyranny. One reason Feynman refused to visit the Soviet Union in his capacity as scientist was the suppression by that government of intellectual freedom. Russia, in some ways the successor to the Soviet Union, has been only partly successful in changing the old ways: although the new constitution of 1992 (Article 59) states that ``A citizen of the Russian Federation whose convictions or faith preclude the performance of military service... has the right to substitute for it an alternative civilian service,'' the Russian Parliament has not amended Soviet criminal code that imprisons conscientious objectors!

One such citizen is Uvanchaa Dozur-ool Mongushevich, a 22-year-old novice monk from Tuva who was, until recently, studying at the Gelupa Buddhist Monastery in St. Petersburg. Last year he was drafted into the Russian Army despite stating his conscientious objection to military service, and was severely beaten (probably because of his beliefs) at a military base near Khabarovsk. After being discharged to recover (both his legs were reportedly broken), Uvanchaa returned to his monastery in St. Petersburg. He was arrested on May 26, 1996 and charged on June 13 with voluntary desertion of his army unit. So far as we know, Uvanchaa is still in detention in St. Petersburg, even though he has repeatedly made known his conscientious objection to military service.

The National Interreligious Service Board for Conscientious Objectors (NISBCO) is asking people to write a letter on behalf of Uvanchaa Dozur-ool Mongushevich calling for his immediate release from detention, and that until the Russian Parliament enacts legislation implementing the Constitutional right of conscientious objection, that President Yeltsin issue a Presidential Decree ensuring it. Please address your letter to President Boris N. Yeltsin, Kremlin, Moscow, Russia. Please send a copy to Mr. John H.F. Shattuck, Assistant Secretary; Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor; U.S. Department of State; 2201 C St NW; Washington DC 20037.

Thank you!

Feynman Stamp Campaign Update

As of press time (January 21), just over 500 signature have been collected on petitions for a Feynman Stamp. Combined with letters, we're approaching 1,000. I haven't yet decided when to approach the Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee (perhaps this May), so if you're inclined, please send in more letters and petitions (from issues 14 and 15)!


From the Internet, sent in by Lou Rosen

The heaviest element known to science was recently discovered by university physicists. The element, tentatively named Administratium (Ad), has no protons or electrons, which means that its atomic number is 0. However, it does have 1 neutron, 125 assistants to the neutron, 75 vice neutrons and 111 assistants to the vice neutrons. This gives it an atomic mass of 312. The 312 particles are held together by a force involving the continuous exchange of meson-like particles called "memos."

Since it has no protons or electrons, Administratium is inert. However, it can be detected chemically because it seems to impede every reaction in which it is present. According to one of the discoverers of the element, even a small amount of Administratium made one reaction that normally lasts less than a second take more than four days.

Administratium has a half-life of approximately three years. It does not actually decay. Instead, it undergoes a reorganization in which assistants to the neutron, vice neutrons, and assistants to the vice neutrons exchange places. Some studies indicate that the atomic mass actually increases after each reorganization.

Research at other laboratories seems to indicate that Administratium might occur naturally in the atmosphere. According to one scientist, Administratium is most likely to be found on college and university campuses, and in large corporate and government centers, near the best appointed and maintained building.

Solar Eclipse Begins in Tuva

Shortly after sunrise on March 8, the sun will become totally eclipsed over the extreme south of Tuva. If we're lucky, we'll have a report in the next issue, due out in May or so. So long for now!