FOBOS: Weather in Kyzyl/Tuva
Kyzyl Weather


The newsletters are published on an occasional basis; originally paper-based, they are now available only electronically.

As you read these old newsletters, please keep in mind that over the years many things have changed, such as email and postal mail addresses, lists of items for sale via the Tuva Trader (and prices), and so on.  We do try to update web links when possible, but please do not regard the information in the newsletters as current or even necessarily valid.  Rather, consider these a historical glimpse into the past.

Since the newsletters are no longer mailed out, some curious characters interested in Tuva have asked "How does one go about joining the Friends of Tuva?"  The current answer that FoT does not require any membership fees or any application forms --- by reading these newsletters, you have become a member!

If you feel that you would like to flaunt your status, you are now entitled to download and print out a membership card designed by Brian Diehl and Michael Munday.