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Tuva or Bust!

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If you've found this web page, you're probably looking for the audio samples accompanying the 2000 edition of "Tuva or Bust" by Ralph Leighton.  Page 60 of the book describes the arrival of the LP record "Melodii Tuvy" in the mail from Sevyan Vainshtein; in those days, Ralph had to dust off the record player, clean the needle, carefully place the record on the platen, and hold his breath before lowering the needle to the record.

Today, all you have to do is click and listen!

In 2000, when this page was created, the streaming audio format of choice was actually somethign called RealPlayer - however, we have moved with the times (slowly) and now provide the sound files in MP3 format:  Right-click and select "save as" to save this to your computer.

  • "Reka Alash", sung by Oorzhak Khunashtaar-ool in the "sigit" or "whistling" style.

  • "Artyy Saiyr", sung by D. Damba-Darzha in the "kargyraa" or "wheezing" style, accompanied by A. Laptan on the byzaanchi.

These samples are excerpts from Bands 1 and 9, Side A, of Melodii Tuvy  (GOST 5289-73, 33D-030773) and were included on a red Evatone soundsheet in the 1991 hardcover edition of "Tuva or Bust!".

PS - click on the image of the cover to get a larger version of the book cover!

PPS - if you haven't read the book yet, here's a review sent to us from A Reader's Journal.  I'll warn you, this review gives away the ending, so decide in advance whether you want to know the final outcome before you read the book.

July 19, 2015