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Symbols of Tuva

Over the years (in one case, over the millennia!) a few symbols have come to be associated with Tuva.  Here are our links to items such as flags, coats of arms, and so on.

  • Flags of Tuva
    A retrospective of Tuvan flags used this century, with images.

  • Current flag of Tuva
    Today's flag, designed by Oyun-ool Sat.

  • The coiled panther
    The original is bronze, from the eighth century BC, and is 25 centimetres in diameter.   The early nomads fashioned this breast ornament to adorn a horse's harness and is one of the earliest known works of Scythian art.  This image is a poor one-colour representation of the original, which is under lock and key in a Kyzyl museum.

  • Coat of Arms
    The current coat of arms of the Republic of Tuva strongly resembles images used earlier in the 20th century.

  • Cool crest
    Here's a nifty crest created for Friends of Tuva.