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Travel To Tuva - Summer 2008

Posted September 9, 2008

Most travellers seem to still fly to Abakan and travel the final 421 kilometres to Kyzyl by land.

Dear Sirs!

At present time there are only 6 flights a week between Krasnoyarsk and Kyzyl. No other flights are available. So the best way is to fly to Abakan and take a taxi.

I spend 6 weeks in Tuva this summer.

It is important to everybody visiting Tuva to know: If you are travelling alone (no support from a travel agency) there will be a severe public security problem in Kyzyl and all bigger and smaller towns. Even in the mountains. Drug routes in the Alai and Sajan Mountains are very dangerous. Even Tuvans do not go there if not absolutely necessary. Nomads in their yurts and villages where only Russians live are secure. Be careful to avoid restricted areas (there are many! But the government will not give you an overview): Mugur Aksy, the complete border area along the Mongolian border, Ersinn...... It may be possible to get a special permit. But with the time it becomes more and more difficult to get them.


Albrecht von Hessberg