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Here are a few  reports of travel to Tuva in recent years, as well as links to whatever other resources we could locate.



These were probably the first pictures from Tuva on the WWW; in fact, they predate the FOT on the WWW and were originally available only via anonymous FTP, in the days way back when.










  • Sami Jansson returned to Tuva and provided this excellent account of his journey.
  • The Sun Ra Arkestra made it to Tuva in 2004 to play at the Uste-Khure festival.  Wow.




  • Edward Genochio cycled for two-and-a-half years through 25 countries to get from Devon, England, to China and back.  He passed through Tuva on his way (look for the photo at the Centre of Asia monument in Kyzyl!).
  • Johan de Grave of the Mineralogy & Petrology Dept. of the Geological Institute of the Ghent University (Belgium), led a scientific expedition to Tuva and Khakassia. He has provided a link to photos from the trip.  Some of the photos are great, check them out!
  • Music writer and broadcaster from the Netherlands Ton Maas provides pictures from his trip to Tuva with his wife and his friend Peter Doruzka.





  • Photos from Vasilis - his three-month trip to Russia included a whole month in Tuva.   Some great photos here!
  • Our latest info is that most people are flying to Krasnoyarsk and driving the rest of the way (that's what the locals are doing).  Beijing to Krasnoyarsk (PEK -> KJA) on Siberian airline S7 costs less than $200 one way.  Shared van rides should be available between Krasnoyarsk and Kyzyl.  Email us and we may be able to provide contact info for a van driver who can take riders with advance warning.

    Primary flight destinations are Abakan (ABA) or Krasnoyarsk (KJA).  In late May, a flight from JFK to KJA costs $600 plus $150 in taxes = $750 one way.

    Check out Aeroflot's site

    For Abakan, you have to fly different airlines -- check the regular travel sites for those.
  • Traveller George provides the latest news on how to get to and from Kyzyl.



  • Notes from Geraldine Fagan (September):
  • From Abakan, full-size buses leave daily from the bus station at 15.15, 19.15, 23.40, journey time 6.5-7 hours, cost 600 roubles.
  • Mini-buses (marshrutki) and shared cars leave from the railway station (left-hand side as you face the entrance). Marshrutka place 700 roubles, car place 1,200 roubles. Normally at least one vehicle waiting there, but would fill up more or less quickly (and so leave quicker) only after arrival of long-distance trains early morning (06.00, 06.35, 07.17).
  • We splashed out for a whole car (6,000 roubles). No regrets - new-ish western cars, journey takes a maximum of 5 hours including stops wherever we wanted. Excellent new road.
  • Reliable, Russian-speaking Tuvan drivers +79233854591, +79232651668
  • If there's time, traditional Khakassian restaurant Khoon Khoorai well worth a visit in Abakan - Ul. Shchetinkina 21



References to Travel Guides and Agencies

This information provided for reference only.  We have no affiliation with any travel organizers.

  • Sai-Xonash is a tourist/research assistance/etc. service based in Tuva and they are now on Facebook.   Check them out and see if they can help you.
  • Translation Agency Asia Lingua also assists travellers and is based in Kyzyl.
  • Sibpoint organizes bus trips to Tuva.
  • Tuva Travel is a Kyzyl-based company with an interesting itinerary posted online.  This WWW page also had interesting background on Tuvan history, customs, etc.  They can be reached by phone at (394 22) 56541; ask for Konchuk Mergen!
  • Dany Marique wrote a great set of travel notes for us in 1999 (see above).  His company, Geodyssee, specializes in travel to Tuva.  In 2003 and 2004 Dany will be making audiovisual presentations (in French only) in Belgium and northern France.  If you are interested, information on locations and times is available at (search on Siberia or Sibérie).
  • Douglas Grimes of MIR Corporation writes that they have a special tour that goes to Tuva twice a year. They can also arrange for people to go individually if they would like.
  • The Geographic Bureau comes highly recommended from a happy customer.  Andre Kroussanov (one of the owners)  speaks very good English and can make all the necessary arrangements for a trip --- letters of invitation, flights between Moscow and Kyzyl, lodging in Tuva, etc.
  • Gobi Expeditions Mongolia is a new adventure travel company based in Ulaanbaatar. They offer a wide range of activities throughout the country:
    • Adventure Journeys to Mongolia and Beyond for Individuals and small Groups,
    • NAADAM Festival-wrestling/archery/horsemanship,
    • Horse/Camel Riding,
    • Jeep Safari/Gobi Desert Expeditions,
    • Trans-Mongolian Express and Trans Siberian Railway,
    • Tribal Mongolia,
    • Eagle Festival,
    • History & Culture, Craft and more.
  • The Sayan Ring travel company has been organizing tours to Tuva since 1999.
  • Boojum Expeditions has operated tours to Tuva for many years.

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