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Kerry's Journey To Tuva - Part 4

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kino.jpg (224071 bytes)  This is an old postcard depicting the outside of a cinema in Kyzyl . The cinema looks much the same today, although it is apparent that this is an old photo. Across the street, to the left in this photo, is the Kyzyl Hotel.

ad_wrest.jpg (93715 bytes)  Here's another photo depicting traditional wrestling (khuresh) , taken at Ak-Dovorak on the day of the local wrestling championships, to determine who would proceed to the national tournament at Kyzyl the following week-end.

ak_mine1.jpg (143802 bytes)  ak_mine2.jpg (157359 bytes)   Also at Ak-Dovorak, on the edge of town, is a open asbestos mine and factory that we visited. Our guide in the area, Maadyr-ool Khovalyg, had, at one time, worked in this mine and factory but had since become an author and was trying to start up a tourism business. Ak-Dovorak was a boom town, built in the days when asbestos was a mineral that was in demand, and the city has fallen on hard times in recent years. Falling demand for asbestos means that workers are paid so little and so late that inflation has taken a bite out their pay between the time it is earned and the time it is received.

yaks_01.jpg (99051 bytes)  When we were in western Tuva, we chanced upon a herd of yaks by the side of the road, north of Ak-Dovorak and towards the Ak-Sug. The yaks are large, and they move quickly. They shied away as we got near, but if they wanted to they could have easily run us down and crushed us. It's hard to tell in this photo, but their hair is long and smooth and looks almost silky. We didn't get close enough to find out how silky it is.

fmly_as.jpg (108478 bytes)  Here's a photo of the family who lived at Ak-Sug and who acted as our wonderful hosts during our stay there.

new_stmp.jpg (77923 bytes)  I haven't seen this mentioned any where else; this is a 1994 Russian stamp showing the obelisk marking the Centre of Asia in Kyzyl . My Russian is not very strong, but I think this stamp is commorating the fiftieth anniversary of Tuva joining Russia in the Soviet Union.

pilot.jpg (52239 bytes)  cesna.jpg (87662 bytes)  Here's a picture of Aldynai Seden-Khurak flying a plane over Virginia . Aldynai is well-known to readers of the alt.culture.tuva newsgroup as one of the Tuvan graduate students spending the 1994-1995 academic year in the USA. Aldynai was studying and teaching in Charlottesville. Here's a photo of of all those involved in arranging this flight .

dinner.jpg (69989 bytes)  When Huun-Huur-Tu performed in New York City on the tour supporting the ``Orphan's Lament'' album, a few Friends of Tuva were on hand for a celebratory dinner. Here's a photo recording the occasion, with (from left to right): Ted Levin, Alexander Chaparukin, Aldynai Seden-Khurak, Alima Mongush (a Tuvan studying in the USA), all of Huun-Huur-Tu, Bill Loewy, Jeff Cook, and an American couple who were hosting Alima (names unknown).

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