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Posted January 18, 2010

Friends of Tuva received the following message from Sai-Xonash, who offer assistance to independent travellers in Tuva.  If you make use of their services and wish to provide comment we'd be happy to share it here.  We sincerely wish them the best in their effort to make a success at what can be a difficult business - hopefully travellers will value their services highly enough to encourage them to continue.


Friends of Tuva,

2010 is the Year of Tourism in Tuva! Please consider visiting our beautiful country. Sai-Xonash is an independent couple living in Kyzyl. We offer a number of services for tourists, researchers, and students of Tuvan culture. Anai-Xaak has experience as a professional translator and research assistant in English, Russian, and French, and Zhenya is an award-winning igil player and throat singer in the Tuvan National Orchestra. Zhenya was born and raised in the Western districts of Tuva, where the couple offers excursions to see the Alash river, nomad camps, and horseback trips to Khoolaash (Хоoлааш) in some of the deepest taiga (forest-covered mountains) in all of Tuva! Please visit our website at for more details! We hope to see you in Tuva!


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