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Professor Kenin-Lopsan’s School of Shamanic Studies
Tyva Republic, Russia

(Note!  This information was posted in 2004 and is no longer accurate!)

Dear friends,

Professor Mongush B. Kenin-Lopsan and the shamans of Tyva will greatly appreciate your visit to the Republic of Tyva, a Siberian republic that lies in the very centre of the Asian continent, and be happy to share their knowledge and experience with you.

Professor Mongush B. Kenin-Lopsan is:

  • a world-famous researcher of Tyvan Shamanism,
  • a founder and Honorary Chairman of Tos Deer (Nine Skies), the Centralized Religious Organisation of Shamans in the Republic of Tyva
  • Doctor/Ph D. of History, a senior researcher at Aldan-Maadyr (Sixty Rebels), the Tyvan National Museum,
  • a renowned poet and writer, and
  • has been declared a “Living Treasure of Shamanism” by the Foundation of Shamanic Studies in the USA.
  • The programme of this School will include:

    • lectures on Tyvan shamanism by Prof. Kenin-Lopsan;
    • visits to the shamanic clinics Tos Deer and Dungur ( Shaman’s Drum) in Kyzyl, the capital town of Tyva;
    • trips with Tyvan shamans to sacred cult places of Tyva;
    • exchange of views and shamanic techniques and experience.

    The School is planned to start on the 15th of June, July, August and September, and will last for approximately seven days.

    Inquiries concerning lodgings and food, travel expenses, and the School fee can be addressed to:

    Ms. Rollanda N. Kongar
    tel: (7-394-22) 1-11-26