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Translation Agency Asia Lingua

(Formerly Tuva Lingua)
Posted June 12, 2008
Updated July 3, 2008
Updated May 1, 2012

Here's an announcement we received... we have no affiliation with this group but we have received some feedback praising them.

Dear Friends of Tuva,

We hope you will be interested to hear that the Translation Agency AsiaLingua has recently been opened in Kyzyl.

  • Translation of official documents (passports, birth certificates, marriage records, driving licenses, diplomas, customs documents, criminal record check, seals/stamps etc.).
  • We can provide you with an English/German/French/Italian-spaking interpreter to accompany you in and/or around Kyzyl (100 km/60 miles).
  • Small individual trips for independent travelers in a mini-van with a guide/interpreter (English, French, German, Italian).
  • Various kinds of transfers in/around Kyzyl City.
  • Kyzyl city tours.
  • Transfer Kyzyl-Abakan in a mini-van. It will take 4 hours for  a doog taxi driver in a modern Japanese car to reach Abakan from Kyzyl. This is not our case. This is too fast for us. We go slowly and stop everywhere you want. That's how it works with us!
  • We'll try to organize meetings and/or interviews with Tuvan celebrities for all those who are interested in it.

Our clients are the people who don't have any schedules and who are not in a hurry. We often meet tourists just in the street of Kyzyl.

Hello! We're from Italy. We have only one day in Tuva.  We don't know anybody here. Can you help us?
Certo, Signori. Andiamo!
Ma dove andiamo?

That's how it works with us!

Our e-mail is