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Music of Tuva
Theory and Instruction

    Scientific American on throat singing
    A great article on the "fundamentals" of throat singing, by Ted Levin and Michael Edgerton.
    What is throat singing?
    Here's an explanation of throat singing, taken from the liner notes from the Melodii Tuvi album.
    Learning to sing overtones
    Steve Sklar's khöömei page has singing instruction, spectral analyses of singing, and more.
    Tran Quang Hai
    Tran Quang Hai's WWW site contains many articles on overtones, his video film The Song of Harmonics , and other videos .

    His DVD Le Chant Diphonique on overtone singing was made with the participation of the Tuvan group Huun Huur Tu and was released in September of 2004
Brian Grover's Crash Course in Khoomei
A collection of recordings from late 2003 that provide a very quick, yet complete, course of instruction to get started down the road to throat singing in the Tuvan style!