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In the spring of 2001, the Mark Taper Forum (in Los Angeles) staged "QED", a play based on the writings of Richard Feynman.  Alan Alda starred as Feynman and did a great job.  The play premiered on Thursday, March 23, and after the play the theatre hosted soiree for invited guests.  Here are a few photos from that evening, courtesy of Friend of Tuva Deanne Impey.  (Click on any of the images for an enlargement.)

group_1.jpg (227337 bytes) Several Friends of Tuva pose for a photo; we see Dabney Zorthian, Russ, Jirayr Zorthian, Deanne, Nicole Leighton, Ralph and Richard.
group_2.jpg (295848 bytes) Ralph and Phoebe pause for a photo with Russ from Toronto and Deanne from Winnipeg.
group_3.jpg (333127 bytes) Alan Alda always has time for a photo with Canadians.
z_and_a.jpg (309823 bytes) Jirayr Zorthian (see "Surely You're Joking, Mr Feynman!") chats with Alan Alda.



Here's one of the early announcements about the play.


A new play
By Peter Parnell
Inspired by the writings of Richard Feynman
And Ralph Leighton's Tuva or Bust!
Directed by Gordon Davidson

World Premiere

It is high adventure of the mind and spirit, overflowing with intellectual curiosity and fun!

"I hope you can accept Nature as She is -- absurd.  I'm going to have fun telling you about this absurdity, because I find it delightful."
     --Richard Feynman

Alan Alda brings to life Richard Feynman, the genius behind QED, quantum electrodynamics, which Feynman called "the strange theory of light and matter".  Richard Feynman was one of the greatest physicists of the 20th century -- from his work on the atomic bomb to his simple solution to the puzzle of the Challenger disaster, Feynman helped shape the world as we know it and helped the average person better understand photons, quarks and gluons.  Nobel laureate, Caltech professor, iconoclastic icon, caring family man, amateur artist, safecracker and bongo player, Feynman was a multitalented man of infinite dimensions and enchanting humor.  Outrageous and courageous, Feynman's life was very much like his view of Nature -- tantalizing and captivatingly absurd.



In January 2003, the play will be given a staged reading at MIT.